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Sercan Bayikli

About Me

I am limited to my imagination...

I was introduced to electronics at a very young age thanks to my father’s work. My interest in this field gained a different dimension in 2006 when my father gave me “Electronics Brain Box” set as a present on my birthday. I soon realized that electronics is very flexible and I could do a lot of work in this area. I got more advanced by doing some simple studies apart from the “Electronics Brain Box” set. I remember very clearly seaching “program making” on Google which was an introduction of the software world for me.

I started programming with C++ and C Sharp. When I didn’t like the visuality of console applications; I came across to form applications and I started to learn Visual Basic. Being able to develop form applications doubled my joy. My experience went on in line with the needs and I got experience of databases (MySQL, Access) My interest in automation systems led me to programming microprocessors in time. I started with CSS C and PIC16F628A but went on using Assembly and PIC12F675 to make my work smaller. Getting to know different processors and learning what they could do led me to different studies. By that time I learned my favorite desktop software could communicate with my electronic cards. By using RF wireless systems I continued my serial communication work. I can say that my work on automation, smart home systems, image processing (OpenCV), voice control and IoT(Internet of Things) has taught a lot to me. I realize now that I’m limited to my imagination.

I started electronics by trying led ligtning and with each new project it went on. With all these projects which were my hobbies I could not hinder my desire to make bigger projects. I wanted to develop my own web based software to finance my needs. However when I became interested in the PHP and Css languages, I realized that the systems for web sites were improving fast and it was easier to get a better quality. I started designing web sites using WordPress and Joomla for the people surrounding me. Within a short time I got successful and thanks to my references I went on designing web sites.

To make a portfolio of new clientele I made offers for new and existing web sites. I have designed many personal and e-commerce sites and I provided technical and advertisemental support to them. In addition to website designs; I helped university students who asked me to help them finish their graduation projects. I made many different projects which are the products of my imagination: from scratch to the stage of testing and simulation (Proteus ISIS) When I got a positive result, I built live tests on a breadboard and created a printed circuit (Proteus ISIS, DIPTRACE) When the strings were finished, I packed it to make it a product and because I think the image is important, I covered my boxes with digital printing by graphical works (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator)

By using many new technologies actively I am producing and selling projects in order to fulfill the needs in the field. Among my work, video mapping (Adobe After Effect) and interactive advertising applications are also very valuable for me. I do not support the sale of products in the market with development cards. However I used Raspberry (OpenCV predominant projects and IoT projects), Arduino and Discovery cards for time saving and convenience in the development process.

I’ve always been interested in wireless data communication technologies and I made reasearch on this subject. Özdemir Argun (Nestle CFO Turkey) who is a close family friend played a big role when he introduced amateur wireless communications. I had had some interest and knowledge as my father had used a popular band (CB) radio. It didn’t take long for me to start research in this field and although I didn’t have my own device, I started to produce my own antennas. I have recently passed the amateur radio examination which is held twice a year and I was successfully qualified to receive A class radio license. With the arrival of my Callsign (TA2NSB) I bought a handheld device. First I started listening and then talking and introducing myself to other amateurs through the transmitter of Turkey’s Radio Amateur Society of Kadıköy Branch (TRAC Kadıköy Branch) in Kayışdağı - Istanbul

I speak with other radio amateurs in Turkey and abroad through my mobile devices in multiple frequency bands. I visit TRAC Kadıkoy Branch every Saturday to learn more about radio amateurs and share my knowledge. TRAC which I’m a member (membership no 414), was founded in 1962 and is an association that has put its signature under valuable work. TRAC is a member of IARU(International Amateur Radio Union) since 1965 and I’m happy to be a member of Turkey’s largest amateur wireless association.

Swimming, table tennis, cycling, radio amateurism, paintball and playing basketball are my hobbies. I played as a licenced basketball player in various teams such as BJK and ITU for 8 years. Playing basketball helped me enjoy life, take responsibilities, learn teamwork. I’m grateful for that.

I continue to develop software for different platforms (mobile, desktop, etc), to work on new ones and introduce Turkey the new developments abroad and to produce high value added projects. I try not to refuse the people who ask for my help in different fields (R&D, software, electronics, Adobe products,etc) because I like to share, learn new things and to teach. My high school was a great platform for young people who are interested in electronics and software. I had the opportunity to take important steps in transforming my curiosity into innovations and products. My school life and my perspective on life changed when I became an 11th grade student in September 2018 at TINK High School (Technology and Human Colleges) I enjoy helping students; bring their ideas to life and also learn from their different fields of interest. This made me realise that in my future career I should not only make money but I should also create my own story. I’m sure my school will play an important role for the development of innovation ecosystems in Turkey and I’m trying my best to be a part of it.

Software security, coding standards, optimization and programming are my obsessions. I prefer to develop projects in every field rather than just electronics or software projects. I want to make bigger projects and take part in various areas in the market.

I hope all my dreams and my wishes will come true…

What Do I Do?

Ar & Ge / Ürün Geliştirme

R&D / Product Development

If required, I produce ideas and products without depending to 3rd person.

Mikroişlemci Yazılımları

Microprocessor Softwares

I programme the proper processors according to the process speed and types I want to make.

Masaüstü, Mobil & Web Yazımları

Desktop, Mobile & Web Softwares

Usually, I write interface softwares for IoT and automation systems management.

Elektronik Kart ve Tasarımı

Electronic Card and The Design

After testing the projects which complete the simulation tests successfully on breadboard, I make the production of the electronic cards.

Görüntü İşleme

Image Processing

I process images using OpenCV and Raspberry and put signature to interactive applications.

DBMS (MySQL, Access)

DBMS (MySQL, Access)

I use databases when i need to access and arrange datas at the same time.

Back-End / Front-End

Back-End / Front-End

In the line with my desire of producing from zero I actively develop softwares in all areas.

Grafik / Video Tasarım

Graphic / Video Design

I produce new graphic and video designs through several programmes (photoshop, illustrator, camtasia, after effect etc. ) mostly for my project/product introduction and designs.

Some Statistics

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2019 - 2017

Technology And Humanity Colleges


TINK Turkey

My Certificates and Experiences

IT Essentials

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IT Essentials (Letters of Merit)

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Intro to Cybersecurity - EN 1217

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Cybersecurity Essentials - EN 0118

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Entrepreneurship - EN 0118

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Introduction to Packet Tracer 0319 cga

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NDG Linux Unhatched - 2019 EN

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NDG Linux Essentials - EN 2019

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Intro to Packet Tracer Mobile - ENG

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Introduction to the Internet of Things 2.0 EN 201807

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URE 70th Anniversary - TA2NSB Silver Diploma

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URE 70th Anniversary - TA2NSB Gold Diploma

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URE 70th Anniversary - TA2NSB Platinum Diploma

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URE 70th Anniversary - TA2NSB TPEA Diploma

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Program & Design Skills

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe İllustrator



Proteus ISIS

Adobe After Effects

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Access


Visual Studio




Success is like a magnet.
Vakit ayırmak için özen gösterdiğim, eşi benzeri olmayan küçük dostum.
My one of a kind little friend who I try to spare time.
Arkadaşıma doğum günü için özel olarak hazırladığım avize.
The chandelier I especially made for my friend’s birthday.
Kategorize edemeyeceğim kadar az görseli olan bazı çalışmalarım.
Some of my works which have a very few visuals in a amount that I can’t categorize.
Sitem için içerik derlerken dikkatimi çeken bazı fotoğraflar.
Some pictures that drew my attention while I was gathering contents for my site.


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Your Thoughts Are Very Important To Me

You can reach me through my mail addresses and communicating form, you can submit your opinions. You can be sure about the fact that I am going to do everything I can to support your works within the topics I interested in.

Suadiye / İstanbul / Turkey
Freelance Available

Why I Want to Help?

In my electronic and software adventure which I started at my young ages, I learned that the source is so precious and hard to find. Apart from the lack of Turkish sources, the sources was not that clear so it mostly made me do the trial and error method for learning. I used this learning method frequently because when I used this method I didn’t forget the informations easily and I could understand much better. Nowadays apart from reaching the information more detailed and clear searching it right is also important. I want to share what I know and help everyone because I am aware of these and I went through the same painful processes.

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